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You sweep me off my feet.

 ディズニーサイトのバレンタインカード特集(Adorable Disney Valentine’s Day Cards | Oh My Disney)にあった、メリーポピンズのカードに入っていたメッセージ。

  • カードの絵柄は屋根の上でメリーと腕を組む煙突掃除人のバート。Chimney Sweepのバートに掛けてsweepを使ったイディオムがしゃれている。"sweep someone off their feet"=「〜に心を奪われる/夢中になる/突然恋に落ちる」(if someone sweeps you off your feet, you fall suddenly and completely in love with them/to cause someone to fall suddenly and completely in love with you/to make (someone) suddenly become very attracted to you in a romantic way)
    • She was hoping that some glamorous young Frenchman would come along and sweep her off her feet.
    • You kind of expect to get swept off your feet on Valentine's Day.
    • He brought me flowers, kissed my hand, and swept me off my feet.
    • The first time he met her, he was completely swept off his feet.
    • She says that he swept her off her feet, and they were married six months later.
    • Jill's been swept off her feet by an older man.
    • She’s waiting for some hero to come and sweep her off her feet.
    • He said that I swept off his feet.
  • 日本とは逆で、男性→女性へのメッセージということで、バート目線のメッセージになっているのね。
  • 恋に落ちて、ハートがふわふわ、地に足がつかなくなる様が足元をsweepされた感じなのかな(*´∀`*)


  • 骨にヒビが入る/get a hairline fracture ※fracture;骨折 ※疲労骨折は stress fracture

Harry stepped over a pack of Self-Shuffling playing cards and looked out of the tiny window.

 『Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets』(ハリーポッターと秘密の部屋)より。初めてウィーズリー家を訪れたハリー。ロンの部屋にて。

  • "step over" ってなんとなく「つまずく」みたいなニュアンスかと思ってしまったんだけれど、実際はただ単に「またぐ」だった。(to walk so as to avoid stepping on someone or something)
    • I stepped over Tom, who was napping on the floor.
    • Please step over the things on the floor. We are doing the spring cleaning.
  • つまずくのは trip over とか stumble over。


It's their loss.

 BBCラジオ4のsitcom「Cabin Pressure」最終エピソード "Zurich" より。スイスの航空会社の面接を受けたマーティンは、仕事のオファーを受けたにも関わらず、自分が辞めたら困るであろう現職場の皆にそのことが言えずに「面接の結果はどうだった?」と聞かれて「いや、ダメだったよ」と思わず答えてしまう。それを聞いた同僚のダグラスがかけた慰めの言葉。

  • 直訳すると「それは彼らの損失だ」となるこの表現は、誰かが何か好機を逃した時に使う表現。(said when you think someone is being stupid for not taking a good opportunity/People say that something is your loss when you choose not to do something that they think would help you or that you would enjoy/used for saying that if someone does not do something, they will not get an advantage)こういうシチュエーションで使われると、慰めと励ましの言葉としてぴったりだなと思った。恋人に振られた人を慰める時にも使える表現。
  • 「見る目がない」は意訳なので正確ではないけれど、日本語で同じシチュエーションだったらこの言葉がぴったりかなと思って当ててみました。
    • Well, if he doesn't want to come, it's his loss.
    • If she doesn't want to come to the party, it's her loss.
    • If he isn't prepared to accept this money, then that's his loss.
    • Oh well, if they don't want to participate that's their loss.


  • ウニ/a sea urchin, echinus ※urchinは「いたずらっ子、わんぱく小僧」という意味
  • ホッケ/arabesque greenling, an Atka mackerel (fish)

Now try to get this straight: there is nothing between us.

 映画「雨に唄えば[Singin' in the Rain]」より。本当は恋愛関係にないのにゴシップ記事を鵜呑みにして自分はドンの恋人だと思い込んでいるリナ。ドンは彼女にこう言い聞かせる。

  • "get something straight"=「 しっかりと理解する/はっきりさせる/ちゃんとさせる」(to understand something clearly/agreeing with what is true or what is stated to be true/to understand the facts of a situation and be able to tell them correctly/to make a situation clear; to make sure that you or somebody else understands the situation/to make sure that you completely understand a situation)という意味。これはずっと「ちゃんとさせる」くらいの意味で理解していて、実際それで合ってるんだけれど、せっかくセリフで出てきたので、ここいらで例文をしっかり押さえておこう。「聞いてわかる」から「使える」レベルにしたい。
  • 信じられないことや、驚いたことなど、混乱していることを「まっすぐに」するイメージ。一番身近な日本語で言うと、「ちょっと整理しよう、整理させて」って感じかな。
    • Now get this straight. You're going to fail history.
    • Let me get this straight. I'm supposed to go there in the morning?
    • We have to have our stories straight or else the police will get suspicious.
    • Let me get this straight [=I am surprised/confused by what you are saying and I want to be sure that I understand you correctly]: You want me to lend you $2,000?
    • You need to get your facts straight. [=you need to get your facts correct]
    • I wanted to get the facts straight.
    • Let me get this straight - Tom sold the car and gave you the money?
    • Let's get this straight―you really had no idea where he was?
    • Let me get this straight - am I paying for this?

You shouldn't believe all that banana oil that Dora Bailey and the columnists dish out.

 映画「雨に唄えば[Singin' in the Rain]」より。本当は馬が合わないはずのドンとリナ。でも頭がちょっと弱くて権威に弱いリナは、ゴシップ誌が書き立てるドンとリナのロマンスを信じてしまって、自分はドンと付き合ってるような気持ちになっちゃっている。そんなリナをたしなめるようにして話しかけるドンのセリフ。

  • "banana oil" は俗語で「たわごと」(Insincere flattery; nonsensical exaggeration/insincere talk; nonsense.)。
  • "dish out" は「配膳する」という意味もあるけれど、ここでは「ばらまく、言いふらす」くらいの意味。日本語でかちっと訳すより、英英の意味を見た方が意味がわかりやすい(to give something to various people in a careless way/to give (something) freely or in large amounts/to distribute information, news, etc/to give something too freely and in large amounts)。ばらまくものは、物だったり、噂だったり、アドバイスだったり色々。また、そもそもdish(v)には「人のゴシップを話す/個人的な情報を暴露する」という意味もある(11/11/29)ので、ここではそのニュアンスも含んでいるのだろうと思う。
    • We dished out some leaflets there too.
    • British EnglishPaul tends to dish out unwanted advice.
    • She dishes out advice to anyone who'll listen.
    • He's always dishing out money and gifts to his grandchildren.
    • The press secretaries were dishing reports out as fast as they could write them.
    • The company dishes out propaganda on a regular basis.
  • 辞書にはこんな成句も載っていた。「批判をばらまくくせに、自分では引き受けない」→「人を批判してばかりで言われるのは嫌がる」という表現。これは以前まとめた「批判する」という意味の dish(v)(11/11/29)の発展形。
    • somebody can dish it out but they can't take it=used to say that someone often criticizes other people, but does not like being criticized
    • He’s mad at me for teasing him – he can dish it out, but he can’t take it!
    • I try not to argue with him because I know he can dish it out but he can't take it.